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TalentSprint WE?

Despite the fact that women famously played a pioneering role in the early decades of programming and technology, the participation of women engineers in the technology sector globally still only stands at 26%, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The primary objective of this program is to address the gender imbalance in technology by grooming promising talent among women engineering students to advance and contribute to the field. Prioritising inclusion, the program is designed to support talented women engineers from under-privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Designed by TalentSprint, supported by Google, this one-year experiential program aims to nurture 600 women college students over 3 years, of which 100 will be in the first year. The program is a combination of summer coding bootcamps, live online classes, ongoing mentorship, certification and team-based projects to enhance problem solving and computational thinking. It also provides exemplary participants a chance to get career opportunities at Google and its partners.


2019 Cohort Insights

  • 7276


  • 2162

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The program has received an equal response from urban (cities) and non-urban (towns and villages) areas. The program has attracted the right profile of applications in line with its objective of demographic inclusion.

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Participant Feedback

"Very happy about how things are going. Not only are we learning professional programming, but also growing as individuals. I am now a more confident woman who believes that she is always capable of more."
~ Pallavi Sisodiya

"I am more confident about my skills now. I feel independent both in terms of tackling programming problems and also outside world's. I have been recommending the program to my juniors. "
~ Andri Singh


Program Outcomes

  • Enhance your problem-solving skills
  • Get mentored by senior engineers at Google
  • Build projects on real-life use cases
  • Get ready to compete with the best
  • Receive TalentSprint WE Certification
  • Get a chance to access career opportunities with Google and Partners

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